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Winscombe Primary School

w/b 9th November



One of the chapters of our book looks at the Ancient Egyptians worshipping the God Amun and giving thanks to him in a special ceremony.

Can you create your own prayer/poem to the God in celebration? There are a few examples on the link below with a bit of information about him, but you can always do your own research too.


As a bonus task, write a factfile poster about the God. What additional information can you find out about him that you can tell us when you come back to school?


You could always make your own ceremony for Amun at home too - think about the food and music he might want to honour him. Just make sure you don't do any actual sacrifices ... !



On Friday, we'll be doing another 'Reading Skills' task based on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. If you are off on that day, why not give it a go too.

The page you need is 5 (we've done the other ones already), with the answers on page 6.



This week, we are looking at multiplication and the column method, also known as long multiplication.

There is a link to the BBC Bitesize website that explains how it works if you're a bit rusty (or your parents need a bit of help!), as well as a catchy song that we'll be using to make our own step-by-step guides on Tuesday.

The White Rose tasks get progressively harder, so make sure you are confident before you move on to the next one.

Remember, you can send me a message on ClassDojo if you aren't sure and I will do my best to help you.

Children in Need


This week is Children in Need week and we'll be doing little things each day to help our mental health & wellbeing and to think about the work the charity does.

I have included the link to the '5 to Thrive' Hub that looks at a different focus throughout the week. We'll be doing some of the activities as EMW and will be trying to do Joe Wicks' 5 Minute Move each day too. Whilst you are off, see if you can engage with the different topics - there are videos and resources for each of them.

I have also included the Wellbeing Journal below which we will be filling in to remind ourselves of the positives and happy things that have happened each day.



Wednesday: GET ACTIVE

Thursday: BE CURIOUS

Friday: GIVE