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Winscombe Primary School

Week 2 Instruction Writing 2





I will be helping you to remember the features of instructions today. You will be writing your own instructions for a savoury sandwich! You will be able to use last week's work in your book as a good example to help you during our session. I will be showing you the layout from my computer. 


If you feel you need a little more help, you might like to use your choice of the sheets below to help you present your writing. 


The following word mat gives you examples of verbs and time conjunctions to help you when writing each instruction.






You will be watching Mrs Gooding and I make a special treat for you! I am hoping to tell Mrs Gooding what the instructions are - hopefully I won't be too bossy!


Your clue as to what we will be making: Bob, the man on the moon, might like something similar! Yummy! 


We would then like you to create a set of instructions all by yourself linked to what we have made. You might like to draw a picture for each one. You must add some top tips too! You might like to ask an adult to make it whilst you film them, saying each instruction with top tips about safety!


Can you guess what it might be?



Origami! Have a go at following some origami instructions if you have time and if you have completed all the other 'instruction' pieces of writing set already. This origami may need a little help from someone at home.