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Winscombe Primary School

Week 2 Persuasion & Apostrophe for Possession

Monday - Persuasion Poster


Think about what the word persuade means. If you want to persuade somebody to do something, what does this mean?

I would like you to create a job advert/poster for an adventurer/navigator to travel with you (Amelia Earhart) around the world. Think about what sort of person you are looking for and what sort of an experience you can give them. It needs to sound exciting to encourage them to want to help you on your journey. 


Year 2: To use the apostrophe to show possession - link to phonics sessions this week.

Follow the activities on BBC Bitesize



To use the apostrophe to show possession

Today you are going to continue developing your understanding of possessive apostrophes.

Have a look at the lesson presentation below then choose one of the activities.


Activity 1 - choose one of the worksheets to complete




Activity 2 - write some sentences  linked to Bob the Man on the Moon or any fact linked to Neil Armstrong or Amelia Earhart


E.g. - Amelia's trip took just under 15 hours.



Thursday - enjoy some of the activities linked to World Book Day on our class web page.


Friday - Ensure that your poster is complete to bring into school on Monday.