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Winscombe Primary School

w/c 21/09 Newspaper Recount



Watch this short animation - stop at 2.15 minutes. This part of the story tells us of the love story between Orpheus and Eurydice, which was abruptly ended by her sudden death on the day following their wedding. 


Pretend you are a newspaper reporter covering the story. Be sure to include the 5 Ws in your opening paragraph - WHO did it happen to? WHAT happened? WHERE did it take place? WHEN did it occur? WHY did the incident happen? Then, as with all recounts, you need to tell the story in chronological order.


Try to add some quotes from witnesses or guests from her wedding.

The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

If you're finding it tricky to get started. here's a version we have drafted in class:



Our world has been shaken by the shocking news that Eurydice, the beautiful, young wife of the talented musician Orpheus, died suddenly yesterday morning.  Reports from eyewitnesses suggest that the delicate, sweet girl left their new home early in the morning - barefoot – to wander through the meadow, beyond the trees.  As she passed through the rocks whilst the autumn sun warmed the ground, a snake sank its fangs into her ankle.


Only one day earlier, the handsome couple celebrated their wedding with friends and family. One witness reported, “It was obvious that something wasn’t quite right. Black, oily smoke rose from the chapel candles, like a bad omen.” Orpheus explained that his bride must have slipped out in the early hours because he was still fast asleep. It wasn’t until he noticed her missing and spotted her delicate slippers left by the door, that he ran to search for his love


Following the immediate funeral, where wedding guests gravely became mourners, Eurydice’s husband, grief-stricken and despairing, was a shell of his former self. Without his beautiful tunes and song, the trees have ceased dancing and the animals have remained hidden in their homes. Gathered in sorrow, a small group of mourners claim that Orpheus has made a determined vow to visit Hades and beg him for his wife back from the Underworld.