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Winscombe Primary School

Week 3 Character Description

This week we will be exploring sentence types exclamations, questions, statements and commands to help create a character description of Bob!






Monday Zoom Session:

We will investigate the different sentence types together. You will then have a go at creating your own to help form your character description. Having a few ideas up your sleeve today will help you write the description on Tuesday and Thursday. Have a look at our ideas below. Maybe you add to them during our zoom session? Your task after is to think a few that help to describe Bob. We don't want to write about the story but concentrate on what he looks like and the character that he portrays.



Tuesday & Thursday 


I have started a character description of Bob to help with your writing. During our zoom meeting on Tuesday, we will carry out some shared writing to help you get going. Remember the sentence types we talked about yesterday! You might like to use some of these....


Have you ever met Bob, the man who everyone knows as ‘Bob the Man on the Moon’? Well, if you have not, I am going to tell you all about him! If you have heard of him, well I am sure you would like to find out more. What a wonderful person he is!


Bob is quite an elegant chap. He stands tall, proud and looks incredibly happy with a huge grin upon his face. He pays close attention to looking his best with a neat and fashionable hair cut and is cleanly shaven. This busy man is always smartly dressed and wears pressed trousers, a lovely woollen jumper and a crisp white shirt. Of course, when he goes to work his clothing is very different.