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Winscombe Primary School

Week 4 Writing a Diary



We are going to be exploring and ordering the story of Bob The Man on The Moon. Later this week and into next, we will be writing a diary as if we are Bob using talk for writing strategies to help us!


ZOOM Monday - Activity 1 - Making a Story Path

Today, I would like you to create your very own story path. During our Zoom, we will talk about this and I will start you off. You might like to use the You Tube clip of the story to help you draw your pictures. This can be found below. Year 1 pupils will focus on the beginning, middle and end of the story whilst Year 2 will be thinking about the main parts of the story from beginning to end.


Bob Story Link here

ZOOM Tuesday - Activity 2 - Writing a diary


Using our story path to help remind us about the story plot, we are going to write a diary as if we are Bob! We will be using talk for writing to help us form our own diary. 



Thursday and Friday:

Please ensure that you continue with your diary on Thursday and Friday. You might like to use the picture clues above or continue without if you feel confident. 


Year 1 - Please make sure your sentences make sense and flow from one to the next using time conjunctions - first, next, then, after that, finally. Remember to add feelings!


Year 2 - Please ensure that you add detail other than what is shown on the picture clues above to describe nouns in your writing. Use time conjunctions and a variety of sentence types - exclamations, questions and commands. Remember to add feelings!