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Winscombe Primary School

Week 5 01.02.21 Publishing

Monday - ZOOM session

Today, we will begin to copy up our Bob diaries! I will be on screen so that you can check in, in regards to your handwriting. If any of you have not completed the diary, please make sure you ask me and I can help you with that. Remember to use last week's picture clues to help you complete this. You could have a look on other portfolios for some ideas or to magpie some sentences that catch your eye!


Tuesday - ZOOM Grammar session

Today we are going to check (consolidate) that we know what a verb is! The following will help you in this session.


Year 1 - You might like to print out the sheet rather than write it in your books. Think of a verb that would make sense for each picture - what are they doing? Remember the sentence has to make sense. 

Can you think of a sentence for 2 of the pictures in the past tense (already happened)


Year 2 - I would like you to write a past tense and present tense sentence for each picture.


Extension: Play the sorting game if you are able to print it; cut out the verbs, turn them upside down and choose one at a time, deciding if they should be in the past, present or future pile. If you are unable to print, ask someone at home to read the words to you (mixing them up) and then you can sort into the correct pile. 



Wednesday: Powerful Verbs ZOOM Session

In preparation for this session, find out the difference between verbs and powerful verbs. Can you think of some examples to share?