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Winscombe Primary School

Week 6 08.02.21 Poetry




This week we are going to have a change! We are going to explore different poems and perform some to our class mates. First of all, have a look at the powerpoint to find out about what poetry is!

 Monday 8th February 

For this week and the first week of next term, we are focusing on 'Midnight Feasts,' an anthology of tasty poems chosen by A.F Harrold that I began sharing with you last week.


Today I would like you to think about poems or rhymes that you already know.


What is your favourite poem or rhyme? (This might be a nursery rhyme)

Why do you like it?

Do you have a favourite poet?

What do you know about poetry?

Do you like it our dislike it?


If you want, you can write your thoughts about poetry in your home learning book. You might want to copy out your favourite poem or rhyme onto paper ready to put in your anthology. 

Tuesday 9th February

To express our views about poetry


Reread ‘The Perils of Breakfast and ‘A Piece of Pie.’ In your home learning book, respond to the following questions:

What is similar about the two poems?

What differences are there?

Which poem do you prefer?

Why do you prefer it?


Click on the link below to watch A.F Harrold read ‘The Perils of Breakfast’. L

Thursday 11th February & Friday 12th February

To recite poetry with appropriate intonation


Choose one of the poems below to learn by heart:

• ‘Midnight Feasting’ by A.F Harrold

• ‘Crisps with Custard’ by Jude Simpson

• ‘My Dinosaur, Dining’ by Graham Denton

• ‘The Potatoes my Dad Cooks’ by Joanne Limburg Cockrill

• ‘The Unknown Jelly Baby’ by Cat Weatherill

• ‘We’re Lucky’ by Nick Toczek, Activity – learn one of the poems or part of it.


Think carefully about the rhythm as you perform. Perform the poem to a member of your family. If they don’t live with you, you could perform it to them via Zoom.


Click on the link below to watch A.F Harrold performing ‘Midnight Feasting’.