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Winscombe Primary School

Week Beginning 06.04.20 & 13.04.20

Hi there




Follow the link below for some more maths activities!







Easter is nearly here and I am looking forward to making some nice goodies. Keep your eye out for some fun activities below! These will be added to over the next couple of weeks. 



Easter Baking 

Why not have a go at making some Eater biscuits - Click on Mary Berry's recipe below or you may have your own recipe at home! Remember to ask an adult to help you. 


You might like to write your own set of instructions for Mary to put in her recipe book? Remember the features - things you need, numbered instructions, the imperative verb (bossy verbs) and clear, neat handwriting. You might want to draw a picture for each instruction.  Remember to leave a space in between each instruction to keep them clear.