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Winscombe Primary School

Week Beginning 23.03.20

Activities of the Week  

Weeks Beginning 18th March & 23rd March 2020


Topic: Arctic v Antarctica 

What similarities and differences are there between the two poles? Use books and the internet to find out more and use your home writing book/paper to write a report  with pictures or create a poster showing the differences and similarities. Click on activities below too!


Writing: Should penguins be kept in Zoos?

I would like you write a balanced argument about differing points of view linked to the question above. 

A balanced argument provides information on different points of view and does not lean towards one particular view. I have attached an example below for you to have a look at, a key features sheet and a document to help you plan your writing.



Have a go at some of your maths pack that has been sent home. If you are stuck or have any questions, feel free to contact me as above. 


Outdoor Learning:

  • If it is sunny have a look around your garden for a micro-habitat!! This will be in preparation for our habitat mini-project coming soon!
  • Take some exciting photos of anything that shows us that Spring is here! Try and be as creative as you can! Feel free to send them through to me and I can put some up on our class page!