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Winscombe Primary School

Week Beginning 30.03.20

Hi there Class 2 Team


How did you get on last week with your writing? I would love to see anything that you have done. 


Topic: Arctic v Antarctica

Can you compare Arctic and Antarctic regions thinking about differences and similarities? You might like to explore animals, inhabitants, climate and physical features. 


Have a look below for resources to help you. :-) 


Continue with your maths pack that has been sent home again this week. If you are stuck or have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


I would like you to think about inverse operation this week for multiplication and division. Remember that the inverse is the opposite. I have put  some maths sheets below to have a go at. Try making up your own. Your parents can read the first page to get an idea of what you need to do, although this is consolidation so I am sure you'll remember.  


As it's spring time have a go at making some cut paper daisies:



  • Take a piece of thin card or craft paper.
  • Fold it in half lengthwise.
  • Draw a straight line about 1" from the open end.
  • Cut strips (any width, it doesn't matter) up to - but not past- your pencil line.
  • Roll the paper into itself (it will overlap) and staple or tape securely.
  • Bend the paper strips.
  • Pop a colourful muffin liner in the centre and voila!




Art Activity 2:

Find out about the artist Claude Monet.

Monet was born in Paris in 1840 and as a child he showed great talent as an artist. In 1872 he painted a picture of a harbour using very loose brushstrokes. He called the picture Impression, Sunrise and exhibited it along with paintings by his friends who also painted 'en plein air'. Some of Monet's most iconic works were cretaed in his later years from the garden of his house at Giverny.


Activity a:

Can you find out more about him and maybe create your own 'Artist Factfile'? I would love to find out more about him. I believe he painted a famous painting involving a particular flower. Hmm - I wonder if you know what it is?


Activity b: He was famous for painting the lily pond picture below. Have you seen this before? 





Have a go at painting a picture of the bridge over the lily pond? I have attached a simple helping hand sheet so you can see some of the shapes to get you started!