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Winscombe Primary School

Our completed work!

Have a look at some of what people have been doing -

this is only a snapshot!

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Go us for being awesomely wild!

Look at how Lizzie's caterpillars have changed!

Have a go at Olivia's nature quiz. Challenge your family too!

Lara's presentation on staying safe & healthy



Emilia's presentation on the Four Peaks!


Tabi's performance of Rachel Rooney's 'Truth or Dare' for the poetry challenge!

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5 minute story challenge!


Emilia's story:

Once there was a lad called Captain Magician and he was a grand and proud man. For his eighteenth birthday party he and his friends had a walkaround the park. At the park there was a bust in the middle of the grass and legend has it that there is a map under the plaque. He and his friends looked under the plaque and there the map lay golden and wrinkly.

That is where our story truly begins, they travelled over land and sea for days on end. The magician fought and fought and finally got up the giant snowy hill


Mrs Davis' story:

“Why on earth did I say we’d do this today?” the magician cried out loud, as he stared up at the towering cliff face. His pet sea turtle just glared up at him – didn’t he know that turtles are meant to be in warm, sunny places?

With a sigh, the weary magician started the climb. Struggling to put one foot in front of the other, the turtle followed. Part way up, the magician took pity on his poor weary companion and tucked him under his arm.

The snow got heavier. The biting wind grew stronger. The clouds gathered fiercely. The magician fought and fought and finally he got up the giant snowy hill.

Exhilarated but exhausted, the magician collapsed in a heap – thankfully avoiding crushing the sea turtle in the process.

“What was that?” the sea turtle whispered in fear. “It sounds like … footsteps … lots of footsteps.”

The magician stood up slowly and turned to look at the sea turtle. “Well, obviously, did you think we climbed up all this way to see the view? It’s your birthday party!”

As the sea turtle turned around, he saw his closest friends scampering towards him – there was Mysterious Dave carrying a ginormous cake; Oscar the purple donkey bringing cheese; Peach rolling peaches (obviously!) and Geronimo the baby goat pulling a cart full of gluten-free brownies!

“You guys rock!” the sea turtle exclaimed in happiness.


Mia doing the 'laser maze'!

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Natalia's Powerpoint on the life processes of hamsters - featuring Salt, Pepper & lots of other hamsters!

Mia's Music Mash Up!

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Before the 'holidays'!