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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 4th May

Hi, Class 4!


Hope you're all doing okay - it's okay to not be okay all the time, remember that. Go grab a family member or pet or pillow or teddy to hug - Rocket & Groot are getting lots of extra cuddles from me at the minute. Or sneak a bit more of the Easter Egg that you might have managed to save!


I've loved the photos and videos this week. Check out the 'What we've been up to' for a snapshot, or switch profiles on ClassDojo to see someone else's portfolio - Niamh has been doing gymnastics EVERYWHERE!


The Bingo sheet and all the resources you'll need are below. We've switched to using BBC Bitesize for our Maths work, but there is still a video each day on the White Rose website that will explain the Maths. I've provided a link for both to hopefully make it easier for you to find. As always, try and at least do the English & Maths activities (the ones in red), but don't feel like you have to do it all. Because we beat Class 3, we've initiated a 'Battle of the Bands' challenge against Class 5 for this week. It starts at 8am on Monday and finishes at 8pm on Sunday. Let's do this!


SANDFORD & WINSCOMBE SCHOOLS DURING WEEKDAYS FOR COLLECTION. If you require work photocopied due to lack of a printer or no electronic devices at home, call Winscombe Office [01934 843407] and this can be arranged. (Please avoid requesting this if possible.)


I had some very funny jokes sent to me by Lizzie as part of the self-care activities - check them out on her portfolio. If anyone has a go at making a 'laser' maze, please send me a video!


As we've finished Arrowhead, I've uploaded the first chapter of 8 different books. They are taken from the Year 4 and 5 Laureate lists, so it would help you to tick another one off! Read the blurb and listen to the chapter of each one and then send me a message telling me which one you vote for. The one with the most votes will be our next class book, which I'll start reading next week. There's a variety of different genres, so take your pick!


Lastly, I still have a few parents that haven't registered on ClassDojo - please can you use the code emailed to you from the Office to log on. If you have multiple children at the school, you will need to 'add student' to be able to see their portfolio and our class story. Thank you!


Have a great week, Class 4. This Friday is VE Day, so maybe you could make some bunting to go in your window as a celebration. This could tie in with one of the self-care activities too. Photos would be lovely.


Keep being amazing! smiley

Home Learning Bingo


Music - Guess the Instrument!

This week's poetry challenge!