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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 18th May

Hi Class 4!


It was really lovely to see or speak to most of you this week and to meet lots of your furry family members! Hopefully we can arrange another time when we can get together soon. Please remember that you can message or email me any time if you have any questions about the work or just fancy a chat.


I've added a few challenges to our work this week. There's an alphabet story challenge set by Daisy's grandma and some puzzles for Maths too. At the minute, all the maths work is going over what we have already done so that you don't forget it, so some of you might need a bit of a push to keep your maths ticking over. I've also added more links to the 'Maths' section on the main class page that will give you a chance to practice your problem solving and reasoning - and to challenge your parents' brains too!


I'm really interested in how you complete the Art task this week - I might have to give it a go as well!


The winning book in our vote was 'When the Mountains Roared' by Jess Butterworth. I'll be uploading a chapter each Monday to Friday, so make sure you keep coming back to listen - it could always become your bedtime story listening.


Lastly, thank you for trying so hard and being really helpful to your family (and not annoying your siblings too much!). You are being amazing and I am so proud of you all - big virtual hugs to everyone, including pets and parents!


Mrs Davis smiley

Home Learning Bingo

This week's poetry challenge!