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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 20th April

Hey Class 4!


We've got a new style of setting work now. Each week there will be a Bingo Card of activities. Try to do a mixture of the English and Maths tasks (in RED), either online or in your exercise books, then have a go at some of the other subject activities. PLEASE do not feel like you need to do everything. The Powerpoints and other documents/ tasks you need are on this page too.


The 'Self-Care Activities' are really important for you to try too, either on your own or with your family ... some of them require more people! These tasks are all about having fun and finding time to be you, the amazingly awesome person that you are!


Have a go at the Poetry Challenge too. This is something that I'm sorting for the whole school - each week you will have a different poet to get to know a bit more. The aim is to learn one of their poems (either one I give or another one you find) and contact someone you can't meet up with at the minute and perform it to them. Hopefully it will make them smile! If you want to, you can also video it and send it to me via ClassDojo so I can put it up for everyone else to see too. This week's poet is Spike Milligan - he likes nonsense poems as you'll see!


If you have any questions, please ask me through ClassDojo. I really want to see what you've been getting up too, so make sure you send me some photos of your creations. Parents - feel free to send me some 'Shout Outs' that show how your child has met any of our core values. This term's focus is about being courageous.


Keep being amazing! smiley

Home Learning Bingo

This week's poetry challenge!