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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 27th April

Good day, Class 4!


You've been a busy lot this week - I've loved the photos and videos that you've uploaded to ClassDojo and emailed me. It's really lovely to see you carrying on as best as you all can in this tricky time. It's definitely been weird for me teaching in Winscombe this week with only a few children - I am getting pretty good at hide & seek though!


New week so a new Bingo sheet for you all. As always, just do what you can but give the English and Maths a good go so you remember how to read and count when we come back! There will be a new TTRS challenge soon too!


SANDFORD & WINSCOMBE SCHOOLS DURING WEEKDAYS FOR COLLECTION. If you require work photocopied due to lack of a printer or no electronic devices at home, call Winscombe Office [01934 843407] and this can be arranged. (Please avoid requesting this if possible.)


The self-care activities are really important too - they give you a chance to do something fun but still say it's school work set by me! This is similar to the Poetry Challenge - this week's poet is Michael Rosen, who writes lots of funny poems about when he was younger. Check out Lizzie's Spike Milligan inspired poem in the 'What we've been up to' section on our page, where there are also some photos of other work and creations. Remember, you can also see what people have posted on ClassDojo by going on their portfolios - you can do that by switching student, as long as you are logged in as a student, not your parents!


Parents - if you haven't yet logged in to ClassDojo, please do as soon as you can. If you have children in other classes, you will need to add another child account, using the code sent from the Office, to be able to see each one and to have access to Class 4's class stories.


I'd better go make sure Rocket & Groot haven't managed to escape from their new outdoor run - they're getting pretty cheeky now! I hope you're using this time to have lots of hugs with your animals and family - make the most of having your loved ones around to play with.


Keep being amazing and speak to you on ClassDojo - we've also almost finished Arrowhead, so start thinking about what we want to read together next!

Mrs Davis smiley

Home Learning Bingo

This week's poetry challenge!