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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 8th June

Hi Class 4!


I hope you've all had a good week and not been too shocked by the water falling from the sky - it has been a long time since we've had any rain!


Our learning has changed slightly this week - it will be more project based. Our new topic is called 'All Aboard the Train of Thought' and we'll be looking at the development of the railways and the Strawberry Line in particular. I'm hoping we'll be able to learn a bit about our local history too. Each week, I'll give you a couple of tasks about our topic, which I would like you to try and, if you want to, add something extra too. This is your chance to show off your creative, imaginative and investigative minds!


Another big difference is that I will be checking in with you more about how your projects are coming along, by Zoom or telephone and I'd like to see more of the work you have been creating. You can share it with me on ClassDojo, via email or on our Zoom calls.


There are also no more 'Self Care Activities' this term; there will be PSHE tasks instead. This should help you to start conversations about how you're feeling at home, about school and about the future. This is something we are doing in school, with a Recovery Curriculum, so I wanted you to have the same idea at home too.


There are a few videos that explain the dropping off process and other bits of information if any of you are returning to school in any way - or if you just want to see how school looks now. These, as well as some pictures, are in the 'Our slightly different school!' section of our page.


Please make sure you check ClassDojo regularly as there will often be things put up there that I want to draw your attention towards, something that you might enjoy or a communication from me. I'm really looking forward to see where your learning projects take you each week and to be able to 'see' you more often too - I have definitely missed you all!


Keep being amazing! smiley

Home Learning Bingo

This week's poetry challenge! This poet has been very carefully selected this week to help you think about and discuss the important message #blacklivesmatter.