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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 23rd March

Hi everyone - hope you are all enjoying the sunshine at the minute and making sure you are staying fit and healthy.


Each week, I'll be posting a couple of extra things for you to be having a go at, which we would have been looking at if we were in school.


Don't forget about the Joe Wicks 'PE lesson' at 9am each weekday on his YouTube channel!


Remember, if you have any questions, you can email me or contact me via ClassDojo - I love all the pictures and messages you have sent so far! smiley

Our spelling rule this week is looking at different silent letters, mainly 't', 'u', 's' and 'w'.

The words to learn are:

wrestle, wrapper, island, aisle, debris, mortgage, Christmas, yacht, guarantee, guilty.


The statutory words are:

famous, favourite, guard, guide.


Have a go at this week's Countdown Challenge:

50   1   3   5   2   6   TOTAL TO MAKE: 702



Erik the Viking!

Write a story that Erik and his crew might have been on next. Would they meet the Dogfighters again? Maybe there's another enchanter/enchantress that they face? Do they actually make it to the land where the sun goes at night?

Grammar: Relative Clauses - these are similar to embedded clauses by start with a relative pronoun (like who, which, that, where etc.)

Mixed Up Maths - what can you remember about fractions, decimals and percentages?