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Winscombe Primary School

Work for the w/b 30th March

Hi all!


Hope you're doing okay and keeping up with some work so your brains don't turn to mush! Remember, just a little bit a day is enough - don't feel like you need to be working from 8.45 to 3.15. Your parents need a break too - they probably haven't done as much Maths and writing as you have for a while!


This week would have been a bit of a project based on your longboat creations that you were set as homework. I'm hoping you've still had a chance to make them - if not, then now is the perfect time! Send me a photo, either by email or ClassDojo, of what they look like.


Speaking of ClassDojo, if you haven't had a look at it already, give it a try! It's lovely to see what you're all doing while we're off school. Parents - please use the log-in on the parent invites (on the ClassDojo part of our webpage) to connect yourselves too. This enables you to see what your child has posted and informs you of when I post a 'Class Story' message.


I hope you're all listening to Arrowhead too - it's getting quite exciting now! Mr Davis listens to me as I record it because he wants to know the story too - I think my rabbits are sneakily enjoying storytime as well! I'll record a few more chapters this week and post them up on the page.


Hopefully you enjoy the tasks for this week. I've included the answers to the Maths as well, so you can work out how you did - let me know too! I'm missing you all lots and am looking forward to being back with you all as soon as possible - think we might need to have a class party!


Mrs Davis laugh

Our spelling rule this week is looking at words ending in 'MENT'.

The words to learn are: 

equipment, environment, government, parliament, enjoyment,

document, management, movement, replacement, statement.


The statutory words are:

height, imagine, knowledge, library.


This week's Countdown Challenge:

25     4     5     9     8     10     TOTAL TO MAKE: 373

Longboat Project Writing

Choose one, or more, or the following styles of writing to show off your knowledge about Viking Longboats:


  • Instructions for how to make your model
  • Description of a Longboat
  • Diary of a sailor
  • Factfile (like a non-chronological report)
  • Puzzles 

This is Tabi's description of a Longboat - I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you wanted to 'magpie' something!

Can you find any patterns in nature? Draw, sketch, paint or take a photo of any that you find!