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Winscombe Primary School

Work for W.B. 11th May

Hi all!


I hope you've had a very good bank holiday weekend! Time to get back to it and you all know what to do by now! This week's Bingo sheet has been uploaded below for you to have a go at. Remember to at least complete the tasks in RED. Lot's of fun activities based on our Stone Age topic so dive in!


In additional exciting news, I will be looking to set up a Zoom call at some point in the next week or two. I will post the details of which on ClassDojo and email to your parents so you can log in at home and we can have a class catch up! Don't worry too much if you can't make it, we'll be setting up quite a few!


Stay awesome Class 3!


Mr Awesome Hall! yes


NOTICE: There has been some instances of children logging into the wrong TT Rockstars profiles. This can alter other children's scores which isn't fair. Please ensure that, when logging onto TT Rockstars, you have logged onto the correct one. If you have any questions or queries regarding this, please message me.

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