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Winscombe Primary School

Work Set - w/b 15.06.20

Each week, I am giving you a couple of basic tasks linked to THE ART OF BEING HUMAN for you to add to your project. You can leave it at that or add something extra!

You can ALL write a solid explanation, non-chronological report, set of instructions, persuasive text and balanced argument. But, you are also extraordinary artists, actors, historians and mathematicians. So don't hold back on the possibilities for this project!


REMEMBER: I am checking in on how your projects are coming along (via telephone or Zoom). Send me evidence of your work too, so I can see how you are progressing and give you feedback and rewards.

Year 6, I will be sharing this with your new Secondary School teachers!

Try thinking about the PSHE activities on the second page of this home learning sheet. It is important to take care of your mental health as well as your learning. If you make some worry dolls, send me a picture on Class Dojo. I'll share those made in class too.