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Winscombe Primary School

WSMRFC World Cup Rugby Touch @ WSMRFC, 19th October

Another sporting event, another superb showing by the Sandford Primary team. This time, sporting their new kit, they were competing at the Weston Super Mare RFC World Cup Rugby Touch representing not only themselves, but the proud nation of South Africa!

The children were separated into teams of Year 3/4 and Year 5/6, each competing in pool matches before progressing onto the knockout stages. After both teams endured a couple of tough pool matches, they progressed into the Shield competition.

Year 3/4 Shield Champions!

The Year 3/4 team began their knockout campaign against France. Exhibiting some fantastic running rugby, with superb support lines, they continually pushed France back and emerged 5-2 winners. Onwards to the Shield Final versus Wales! A tough first couple of minutes, where South Africa (Sandford!) had to absorb a lot of pressure gave way to several excellent breakaway tries leading to a 2-0 lead. As the timer ran down, South Africa played some fantastic rugby into the dying minutes, adding to their lead and running out 4-0 winners! A fantastic achievement by the entire squad.

Your Year 3/4 squad: Kieron Avery (c), Ruby Perrett (vc), Emilia Hill-Adams, Ted Morris, Alex Tomlinson, Charlie Jones, Harry Yates, Kate Caddy-Hvalkof, Kian Woodland.

Year 5/6 Shield Champions

The Year 5/6 team began their knockout campaign against a tough Ireland squad. Having learned from their previous matches, South Africa (Sandford) adopted some interesting tactics, including possibly the first ‘maul’ in touch rugby history! These tactics paid off with them emerging 4-3 winners and progressing to the Shield Final! Another difficult match against Georgia awaited. After some sustained pressure by Georgia, South Africa pushed them back and crossed for the first of 2 tries. After adding the second, South Africa defended superbly and held out to be crowned Shield Champions! A double sweep for Sandford and for South Africa! A great achievement, well done all!

Your Year 5/6 squad: Casper Wheeler (c), Louis Avery (vc), Imogen Harris, Mason Hayward, Albert Irving, Oliver Tomlinson, Bella Smith, Jamie Adams, Edie Storey.

A huge thank you to all adults that assisted in the running of the Sandford teams, your help was invaluable!