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Winscombe Primary School

Year 1 - English

Following on from your English session on Monday we are taking a closer look at writing non fiction texts. You are going to start writing a non fiction text about our solar system. Read through the powerpoint below to help you. Remember to play the slideshow or the animations won't work. On each page there is a speaker icon to click to read the words for you if they are a bit tricky. This is the the first of two sessions you have to write your page so we are only expecting you to complete the heading, sub heading and a quick fact file part. You will do some more writing in depth about your chosen bit of the solar system next week. You will also be introduced to bullet points in this session which are new since Mrs Steven's session.
The template below is optional. You will see a whole page of lines but for your fact file in this session you only need to do a few facts (check back with the powerpoint for an example). The rest of the lines can be used for the writing you do next week. Remember you can just use your remote learning book, you don't have to print this page off.