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Winscombe Primary School

Year 1 - English

Zoom session - 9.30am Monday

Zoom link in timetable on Class 1 page or ClassDojo


Year 1 children

For our English learning this week, we are going to explore the structure of a non-fiction book. You may have some books at home that have lots of facts and information in, that you can look at to help you understand how this is set out. What we would like you to do is look carefully at how the pages are set out. You may notice things like a title, a subheading, a paragraph and maybe even some questions. We have looked at some of these elements before, when we were carrying out our instructional text back in term 1.

For your learning this week, we would like you to practise identifying the elements of the non-fiction text by labelling them. You may like to print the sheets from the poweroint below and highlight/label the different sections, or you could write your own labels to cut and stick next to each of the sections. The first piece of text is the one we discussed in our zoom session, so if you would like to practise this one again by yourself then we’d love to see it! If you need another reminder of all these elements, then take a look at the attached powerpoint all about non-fiction texts below.